About me

Marek Hnatyszyn – attorney-at-law (adwokat) at the Szczecin Bar Association. A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. Head of the KIEL LEGAL Law Firm in Szczecin.

 Marek is an expert in mergers and company transformations. As part of company audits he draws up all necessary documents and advises clients on the best solutions for both organisational and tax purposes.  He has experience in providing comprehensive corporate services to companies, in particular attending shareholders’ meetings and preparing all minutes and resolutions, as well as representing clients in cases for the annulment or revocation of resolutions of company governing bodies and for the dissolution of companies. He also carries out compliance audits of our clients and implements the results and recommendations of the audits. As a leader of the team of lawyers he personally leads or supervises legal services provided to dozens of companies through reviewing and preparing contracts and answering our clients’ ongoing legal questions. He also has extensive litigation experience before courts of all instances with a particular focus on Swiss franc credit disputes. Marek draws up legal opinions on copyright and trademarks and is interested in legal aspects related to new technologies.