Corporate legal services, acquisitions and mergers | Kiel Legal

Our lawyers provide ongoing services to entrepreneurs in their day-to-day matters: drawing up legal opinions, preparing or reviewing contracts, preparing requests for payment or answering clients’ legal questions. The law firm also has many years of experience in preparing and carrying out mergers and acquisitions of companies and businesses in a wide range of industries. Our lawyers advise at every stage of the procedure, starting with the organisational and legal analysis of the investment, conducting due diligence, filing notifications with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, up to the finalisation of the transaction. The law firm also offers the client the most favourable solutions in terms of both organisational and tax issues. The extensive experience of our lawyers allows us to guide clients through the complex procedure without danger or disruption to their ongoing business activities.

Our expertise:

  • providing comprehensive legal advice on the sale of a construction company worth over PLN 90 million.
  • carrying out the conversion of a limited liability partnership from the property development industry into a limited liability company.
  • providing legal advice to a buyer and negotiating the sale of a food company worth over PLN 15 million.
  • providing comprehensive services for the sale of a meat company, combined with the sale of a debt package and the acquisition of a veterinary number.