Compulsory portion | Kiel Legal

Compulsory portion cases are one of our law firm’s key fields of expertise. Our lawyers are experts in complex inheritance cases where the value of the compulsory portion ranges from several to even tens of millions of Polish zloty. Our law firm is not only involved in pre-judicial negotiations and the pursuit of a compulsory portion through court proceedings, but also in advising on minimising or avoiding the payment of a future compulsory portion during the succession planning stage. 

Our expertise:

  • representing minor clients in pre-court negotiations successfully concluded by our law firm. As a result of the settlement, the compulsory portion of over PLN 7 million was paid to our clients.
  • litigating our client’s case for the payment of almost PLN 2.5 million of the compulsory portion. In the case, we raised objections to the gifts made to the ascendants and challenged the inclusion of parts of the claimed properties in the testator’s separate estate.
  • providing legal advice to the client to avoid future payment of the compulsory portion at the succession planning stage of an inheritance that would be worth over PLN 50 million.
  • representing a client before a court in the case for payment of the compulsory portion of over PLN 2 million.