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When we started the KIEL LEGAL project in 2012, we dreamed of being where we are now. It turned out that when talent, passion, unconventionality and commitment meet  one another, there is no glass ceiling or saturation of the legal services market. What is our recipe for success? We provide legal services to a company as quickly and efficiently as if we were dealing exclusively with its affairs.

We analyse our clients’ cases in a multidisciplinary way, seeing opportunity where other lawyers see a problem. We develop multi-year action strategies, anticipating like chess players the moves of our opponents and the possible problems that may arise in the future. All this and much more is why our clients refer all their cases to us after using our services. Therefore, we currently serve investments worth several hundred million Polish zlotys and companies of nationwide importance from various industries, and satisfied customers recommend us to others. We do love to win. If you give us a chance, we will show what we can do and do our best to win your case, together with your company to celebrate success, so that your company will no longer drift in troubled times. We will give you a feeling of security.

autor: Janusz W. Nowacki
The AMS Group has cooperated with the law firm of attorney Aleksander Kiel practically since its beginning. His deep analytical sense and business empathy, combined with his ability to perfectly apply the law to the benefit of his clients, make his legal services of the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. Thank you for supporting us in both minor and serious cases.
author: Janusz W. Nowacki