Debt collection | Kiel Legal

Our lawyers provide services to clients at every stage of debt collection procedure. Firstly, we analyse the case and seek the best solution for the client.  Frequently, the more favourable solution for the client is not to go to court, but to conclude a settlement agreement in which the client’s obligation is secured by establishing a mortgage on real estate, the debtor’s submission to enforcement or the conveyance of valuable machinery or equipment. Our lawyers then prepare the necessary documents and conduct negotiations to secure the client’s interests as completely as possible. When our recommendation is to pursue debt collection through litigation – our lawyers effectively represent clients in litigation, and security and debt enforcement proceedings. The law firm has extensive experience in the collection of debts, with a portfolio of successful collection against debtors seated not only in Poland, but also against debtors located in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Malta, Romania, Sweden, Italy or the United Kingdom.

Our expertise:

  • conducting debt collection proceedings on behalf of a food company both at the pre-litigation stage and in proceedings to secure claims, in ordinary court proceedings, in European injunction proceedings and in enforcement proceedings for multi-million dollar claims against debtors from Poland and the entire European Union.
  • conducting negotiations and pre-court security measures (entries of mortgages, submissions to enforcement, conveyances by way of security, promissory note security) in more than a dozen cases for construction companies, in which each individual claim exceeded one million Polish zlotys.
  • representing clients from the construction industry, agricultural and seed machinery manufacturers, property developers, outdoor advertising and food and beverage companies, catering companies, event organisers and restaurateurs, accountancy offices, industrial printer distributors, gas entrepreneurs, plastics entrepreneurs, as well as representing lenders for the repayment of loans and many others – also on behalf of individuals with no business activity.